Announcing Change Management Control 2.0

March 27, 2006 — Las Vegas, NV — SLAM Solutions Inc., makers of web based software tools, announces the release of Change Management Control Version 2.0. Stemming from client feedback and extensive research into change management best practices, Version 2.0 features an enhanced settings tool accessed through the web interface that allows system administrators full ability to modify and add unlimited workflows to the system, an interface customization tool and the addition of auto assignment groups based on workflow. These features are among other enhancements that increase the security and functionality of the system. The software has been in beta testing since early January and today SLAM announces its release to the public.

Adding to the improved suite of settings, Change Management Control is now fully integrated with SLAM's Help Desk Control. Now SLAM offers the ability to monitor incident, problem and change tracking from one single application. Moreover, clients have the option of designing their own custom modules and integrating them into the software. This is useful for those organizations that wish to incorporate their own custom applications such as asset tracking, content management and resource management.

Improved reporting functionality includes Gannt Charts, satisfaction survey to measure feedback to change and incident progress, reporting based on custom fields added to the system and improved time tracking reports.

The changes in 2.0 are implemented to enhance the features already developed in Version 1.0, including:

  • Easy to use interface that enables users to quickly interact with the software eliminating costly mistakes and overlap.
  • Robust Email Notification system that allows emails to be sent to relative members of the change process and organization at large at any stage in the change process determined by change managers
  • Calendaring and Prioritization that insures changes are handled in a timely fashion and by the proper team members.
  • Digital signatures to ensure the right people signing of on changes that involve them.
  • Complete audit trail of every change insuring storage of any and all information an auditor would require
  • Reporting to help managers achieve their goals. Measure which changes are completed on time, ahead of time and late.
  • Flexibility in workflow that helps add and remove people required to work on a change by the change administrator.
  • Generate Internal Change Control reports for the organization as required by Sarbanes Oxley Act (section 404).

For more information about SLAM's Change Management Control, call SLAM at 877-413-4094 or fill out our Contact Form.

About SLAM Solutions

SLAM Solutions helps customers across a broad range of industries increase efficiency and productivity through the design and implementation of advanced web based software solutions. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, SLAM is a group of software developers, engineers and marketers dedicated to providing solid solutions for clients of all sizes and budgets.

Impact of Change Management Implementation

Can the benefits of implementing a change management system truly be measured? Recent studies describe numerous advantages that organizations experience after implementation of change management practices along with the implementation of a software solution to monitor those practices. Among other benefits, change management allows organizations to:

  • Streamline changes
  • Avoid conflicts, reduce errors
  • Avoid lost revenue
  • Improve management and tracking of changes
  • Improve communications with people/groups/departments involved and/or affected by changes
  • Increase productivity
  • Backout of changes with pre-planning
  • Easily document ALL changes be they a success or failure for future use
  • Re-use prior change data to increase efficiency and reduce lifecycle of change
  • Meet quality assurance industry standards

But it is possible to quantify these benefits? According to a survey sent to IT directors at organizations that implemented change management software solutions, on average the group measured the following benefits:

  • A productivity increase of 25-60%
  • An increase in management and testing by 30%
  • A reduction of the change lifecycle by 50%
  • A reduction of problems by 90%
  • ROI of 100-300%