Change Management Software that keeps you in control. Custom workflows, fully web based, standards compliant, secure technology and powerful reporting.

SLAM's Change Management Control software is a comprehensive change management solution that enables users to track, manage, and control change in a fully web based environment. Developed specifically in response to the needs of clients from companies both large and small, Change Management Control provides a solution designed to meet the following essential requirements:

At SLAM we understand that organizations across a wide range of industries face change on a daily basis, be it in business practices, policy management, or IT infrastructure. Add to this the constant implementation of new government, such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, as well as a growing focus on corporate responsibility (Part 11 - Digital Signature for instance). Now more than ever conditions require a focus on technology that will maximize efficiency while maintaining accountability throughout any type of change. SLAM Change Management Control offers a fully web based solution that addresses this need comprehensively and affordably. Our robust system adapts to your existing or desired workflow with a straightforward user interface for ease of use across your entire workforce.

Key Features of SLAM Change Management Software:

Web Based Technology
Available across any platform and accessed by any computer with an industry standard browser.
Active Directory Integration
Out of the box integration with Active Directory.
Robust Change Management Workflow
Configures to your internal or existing workflow without the time and cost of custom software.
Multiple Workflows
Workflow Wizard allows the creation of numerous workflows with branching stages.
XML Design
Change Management Control integrates with other IT solutions and is adaptable to forthcoming technologies.
Customizable Fields
New fields can be modified and added that apply to your own Change Management workflow.
Customizable Workflow
New workflows can be modified and added
Secure Audit Trail
A complete and accurate history of your entire Change process.
A Comprehensive System
Change Management Control is part of the Management Control Suite which includes Help Desk Control, Asset Control and Task Management Control.

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