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SLAM's Class Registration Control Software

SLAM's Class Registration Control software is a web based application that handles all aspects of class setup, registration and data management. Developed specifically in response to the needs of both educational institutions and seminar organizations, Class Registration Control provides an out of the box solution built around the following functionality:

Educational Institutions of all shapes and sizes have varying registration needs. SLAM Class Registration control adapts to the size of your institution. From infrequent seminar events to full schedule quarterly schools with 5000 students, SLAM scales to meet your registration needs.

Key Features of SLAM Class Registration Software:

Web Based Technology
Available across any platform and accessed by any computer with an industry standard browser.
Robust Workflow
Configures to your class GPA and course prerequisites without the time and cost of custom software.
XML Design
Class Registration Control integrates with other educational solutions and is adaptable to forthcoming technologies.
Customizable Fields
New fields can be modified and added that apply to your own class registration system.
Secure Audit Trail
A complete and accurate history of each users entire registration history.
Active Directory Integration
Allows you to connect it to your existing AD and reduce data duplication.

More Class Registration Control Features can be found here.