Customer Case Study

Telekurs Financial, Inc. streamlines global operations and keeps market data rolling with the implementation of SLAM's Change Management Control and Help Desk Control solutions.

Client: Wally Beddoe
Customer: Telekurs Financial, Inc.
Product Purchased: Change Management Control with Help Desk Control and a Custom Alert System


Telekurs Financial is focused on procuring, processing and distributing the farthest-reaching international financial information for investment advisory services, portfolio management, financial analysis, securities administration and more. Their global network of local financial market specialists gathers reference and corporate actions data, as well as directly sourced real-time stock exchange information to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive market data in the industry.

Founded by the Swiss banks in 1930, Telekurs is today still owned by a consortium of banks based in Switzerland and is a part of the Telekurs Group, the official Swiss numbering agency and a leading provider of best-in-class payment systems and financial information services. Telekurs is headquartered in Zurich, and employs approximately 2,000 staff in 19 offices around the world.


Telekurs has internal and external requirements for tracking problems and requests related to the collection, processing, and distribution of global financial market data. Their prior help desk solution was cryptic and required thousands of dollars in continued vendor consulting to upgrade and customize. Additionally, separate vendors were used for help desk and change management solutions.


SLAM Solutions offered a 100% web-based application with an easy-to-use admin interface and they were able to meet every Telekurs requirement for an integrated all-in-one solution.

The technical staff at SLAM Solutions worked with Telekurs to migrate all historical data to the new database within the planned timeframe. Telekurs staff has found the application extremely intuitive to configure and support. SLAM staff participated in online training sessions with Telekurs customers in order to ensure a smooth user migration.

When asked if he had any other comments about working with SLAM, Mr. Beddoe stated:

“As vice president of technology and the person having the overall responsibility for delivering quality solutions to internal and external customers, I could not be more pleased with the SLAM help desk and change management software.

“From a maintenance perspective, the new SLAM Solution is an administrator’s dream: A consolidated, web-based, stable product that users actually like.

“The custom e-mails to customers are like the cover of the book and is how the application is judged by many. SLAM worked with us to customize the content and formatting of our e-mails capturing all pertinent information including ticket history, status, and assignments.

"SLAM’s customer service is outstanding. They are quick, efficient, and pleasant.”


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